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Mission Statement

Enrich lives, by empowering each and every human being, through their individual strengths, to become worthy individuals, functioning independently and empathically, while uniquely contributing to the world.

Mind Power Activation makes positive changes in the subconscious mind, while in the attentive and responsive focussed theta state, through Imagery Guided Therapy.

Dr Kantilal Kanji

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Dr Kantilal Kanji is a registered medical practitioner and medical director of Sportsmed Limited



BSc., MB.ChB., Dip.Obst., Dip.Clin.Hyp., Cert. SM., FRNZCGP, PGDipMedSc (Occupational Medicine). 


With over 38 years of clinical experience consulting in general, family, sports and occupational medicine, he has harnessed the body and mind for over 33 years. Individuals have been helped in many diverse areas including smoking cessation, weight loss, motivation, confidence and hypnosport, to achieve their goals. 



In sport, ​he has helped many athletes achieve their personal best and peak performances, including notable national results and titles, in gymnastics, tennis, wind-surfing, water-skiing, cricket, rugby and table pool. 


Dr Kanji has worked with 2019 ATP World Tour Tennis Finals doubles runner-up, 2018 Wimbledon doubles runner-up, 2017 Roland Garros French Open Grand Slam men's doubles tennis champion, 2018 Gold Medal-winning gymnast at the Pacific Rim Championships, 2000 Sydney Olympics gymnast, and a Gold Medal-winning gymnast at the 1990 Christchurch Commonwealth Games.

Walks the Talk

He is enthusiastic and passionate about making a difference to each and every individual who seeks to achieve their peak performance in whatever endeavour they choose.

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