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What Clients Say


My friends and family can hardly believe the new me, especially the no smoking. The usual comment I get is 'But you're the last person I'd ever expect to see give up smoking'. Not a cigarette has passed my lips, nor a nasty word has crossed my tongue. Jane Jeffries

Just wanted to let you know what a fabulous success the therapy was, neither my mother nor I have been tempted to have a cigarette in the last two years. NOTHING - no emergency, no drama, no bout of boredom - could persuade me to light up again. It is really quite phenomenal. Fortunately, weight gain has NOT been a problem either and shall continue to sing your praises. Vicky Johnson and mother Luella

I commenced smoking at age 14 and continued until your successful therapy at age 58 in February 1987. I usually smoked at least a packet of 20 daily and possibly more while socialising over weekends. The net result is that after all those years I have not had a single cigarette – though at times, I felt the urge. Thank God the strength you gave me prevailed as I have since suffered 5 strokes which I have been able to overcome particularly due to my not being a smoker and I look forward to many more years of living the good life. So Doctor it really could be said "you actually saved my life and possibly the lives of others who I have referred to you. Doug Crossan

Excellent and it works. Julia Hadfield




Just a note to say how grateful the R. family is for your treatment of L. over the past years. He told her a lot and this has undoubtedly played a major part in her success as a gymnast. Maureen Robertson

We were thrilled with Nicola’s performance. She is looking forward to her next session with you. Rosemary Jenkins

I am writing to let you know just how delighted my husband and I am with the results of Neal's therapy. There was an almost immediate, extremely positive response to the therapy. Neal's attitude became very positive and enthusiastic in all aspects, including in his school work and helping around the house, as well as with his sailing. His self esteem has also increased and he does not get depressed or react negatively when things do not go exactly as he would have liked. Thank you for the time and interest you are taking with Neal, the results are extremely pleasing and we are thrilled with his improved attitude and enthusiasm. Pam Hooper

As promised I am writing to advise success to a degree, as a result of our sessions. I have ability to "perform" in mornings which is better than nothing I guess. By the same token I am usually too tired for other than sleep at night. We do not live together so opportunity on a nightly basis is not there. All in all I'm pleased I took the therapy and with a lessening of my other worries look forward to a "revival". Doug C



I am 52 years old. I have suffered from migraines since I was 16 years of age! A friend had been to yourself and told me of his success, so I thought, "yet another “cure”"! I first visited you in September of this year, after two visits I noticed a welcome change. My migraines have "almost" gone, I get a headache now, which responds to a couple of aspro clear and goes! Thank you so very much, I wished I'd of visited you years ago, please feel free to show this letter to any of your patients. Thank you once again. Carole Healy

I have been suffering from migraine headaches for the past forty years I am male aged 52 years. Following my sessions with Dr Kanji and listening to his tapes daily, the improvement of my migraines has been wonderful. It was the only thing I had not tried. I can now say I wish it was the first thing I had tried. Cliff Wilson

Headaches, Cluster's, Migraines — Are these words familiar to you? This is a personal account of my experience.
About nine years ago in my mid 30's it all started. Four years later and lots of injections and Tablets later I met Dr Kanji with my son, who was receiving treatment for a sport injury. We got talking as I wasn't looking to good. We tried the therapy and I would listen to the tape every evening and try to focus and use this during the day when a Headache was starting, I gave up drinking Tea. I used to drink five cups a day now drink Herbal Tea or Cider Apple Vinegar with Hot water. My headaches have decreased to one a month which was soon alleviated with a tablet and bed. I haven't taken a sick day off work now for six months (that's a record). I feel more relaxed. I play squash once a week and cycle occasionally. I eat very healthy and like a glass of wine occasionally. Best of luck to all Migraine sufferers. 
Mike Hailstone



After my wife suggesting to me several times to go to the Doctor, to see what could be done to reset my life into a normal pattern, I did eventually go to see Dr. Mike, who in turn recommended me to consult your good self. Having had this problem, I would estimate for over 15 years, I knew that I had to get some professional help if I was going to put my life in order. In the two years that I have lived in New Zealand, I have never, until now, driven across the Auckland Bridge.
Yes, I have now driven across the bridge, in fact, several times. My wife, having lived with my phobia and me for 12 years, has found the change quite amazing. Therefore, in conclusion, it seems that, for me, your programme of relaxation and mind power is having a considerable affect. 
Stephen Hooper

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