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We are in this together, let's play our part, and make it count!

Our mental, physical and spiritual well-being is being challenged by the unprecedented arrival of COVID-19. 


Mind Power Activation understands that our resilience lies in unified action, from our own individual strength and contribution, through self-isolation and physical distancing, while maintaining social contact through social media. 

This is within our control, so let's be responsible for what we can control. Meanwhile, stay safe, practice self-isolation and physical distancing, and save lives. 

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mind Power Activation is making FIVE of the 61 Imagery Guided Therapies available FREE to everyone globally. This offer is being made to help us cope with these difficult times until normality returns.


Click here to learn more about these five complimentary therapies or download below:

1. Relaxation: de-stress, reset, refresh

2. Meditation: peacefulness, inner calm, introspection

3. Worry Free: hopefulness, optimism, confidence

4. Anxiety Free: sereneness, tranquility, contentment

5. Well Being: physical shape, mental resolve, spiritual balance

Instructions and guidance are within the MP3s.

Download now to help mitigate these unprecedented times...

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