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Imagery Guided Therapy


Dr Kantilal Kanji defines it as "the state of attentive responsive concentration of the body and mind, somewhere between deep relaxation and sleep, in which we are more receptive to suggestions made to our focussed subconscious mind, by-passing the critical factor, the conscious mind, allowing modification of our thoughts and behaviour".

The Theta State

Imagery Guided Therapy is an extension of Imagery Guided Relaxation, leading beyond the alpha state and into the theta state where the brainwave frequency is 4-7 Hz, that you briefly experience just before sleeping and just prior to awakening. It is the intriguing border between the conscious and the subconscious worlds. 

Imagery Guided Therapy utilises this theta state, and adds therapeutic imagery, when the mind is capable of deep and profound learning, healing and growth. The therapy by-passes the critical conscious mind to reach those deep inner recesses of the subconscious mind, replacing the undesirable elements that are often learnt unknowingly through childhood experiences such as generally negative thoughts, beliefs, habit patterns and behaviours, by re-programming new positive and beneficial ones faster than meditation.


The good thing is that behaviours are learnt, so we can re-learn new positive behaviours, but we need to persevere with practice, as this will take time. Suggestions need to be repeated, for as long as it takes. Eventually they influence and replace the old patterns of thoughts and behaviour. This of course will depend on dedication, determination and commitment. 

Success has a different meaning to each of us. Is it winning a sporting championship? Excelling at our chosen profession? Maybe raising a family or devoting our efforts to a worthy cause? Perhaps it is about travelling the world, pursuing our dream, work or business success?

Goals and the Mind

Setting and achieving goals is the single most important skill we can develop. We have the control to achieve all we want in life and the circumstances we choose for ourselves.

There is a formula for planning and pursuing big things in life through Mind Power Activation. It is a simple and easy programme, which harnesses our mind through Imagery Guided Therapies. It will help execute, follow through on, and achieve our wildest ambitions and dreams.

Harness the Mind

Now is the perfect time to integrate Mind Power Activation into your lifestyle, which will help you stay focused and on course, while seamlessly guiding us towards our predetermined worthwhile ideals. Find success everywhere. Find happiness in success.

Imagery Guided Therapies had their origins as early as 1987, in response to the diverse requirements encountered in family medicine, and are continually updated to reflect current knowledge and research.  


They access, utilise and harness our unique natural resource, our mind, to harmonise our body, mind and spirit. 

Hypnosis, meditation and relaxation generally access the alpha state, where the brainwave frequency is 8-12 Hz.

Explore, understand and release the unlimited potential of the mind through the theta state with Imagery Guided Therapies.

Let's Enrich our Lives today!

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