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Key to Self-Mastery

Conscious daily living

Our conscious mind has the ability to reason and make decisions for our benefit. However, it needs the agreement of our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is our source of energy. Unless it is changed our habits will continue to dominate us as will-power can only dent the surface.

Subconscious programming

Our subconscious mind acts the way it has been programmed, like a computer. Much of this programming occurred before we were old enough to discriminate between ideas helpful or detrimental to our welfare. Many of the ideas accepted early in life, usually before the age of ten, are questionable.

Consequently, the uncritical subconscious mind is programmed by misinterpretations of chance events, opinions and superstitions of those around us. Unfortunately, they themselves may have been poorly programmed in their formative years. 

Many ideas accepted later are based on the premise that the questionable ones are true. Imagine what a garbled assortment of half-truths, false fears, unreasonable hates and prejudices we accumulate during, and even after our formative years.

The subconscious mind functions to:

  • serve as a memory bank, storing all of life’s experiences

  • control autonomic function, such as breathing and digestion

  • provide the place for our emotions, for example anger and jealousy

  • form the basis of our imagination, "the sky's the limit"

  • manage and control behaviours we have reduced to habit, for example climbing stairs and riding a bicycle

  • direct the required energy from our body and conscious mind to reach our goals


The subconscious mind may be altered by:

  • repetition, which is slow and tedious

  • identification with someone, for example parents or siblings

  • authority figures, such as doctors and priests

  • intense emotions, for example a frightful experience

  • Imagery Guided Therapy is the most proactive and easiest method. It produces rapid change compared with using passive methods


In simple terms, in order to achieve self-mastery we need to change our subconscious minds. This will allow us to consciously direct our activity towards any goals we desire, including health, happiness and financial success.

It is what our subconscious believes which is the difference between success and failure, sickness and health, and being happy or sad!

Explore, understand and release the unlimited potential of the mind through the theta state with Imagery Guided Therapies.

Excellence with regular practice!

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