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Congratulations on choosing to invest in your health through this easy and effective Stop Smoking Programme. It has been developed after many years of fine tuning, and the core of the programme is the Imagery Guided Smoking Cessation Therapy.

This programme is designed for you to stop smoking with your first session of the Imagery Guided Smoking Cessation Therapy. Just like learning anything new, you will need help and perseverance to stop smoking.

I am passionate about smoking cessation and a smoke-free society. I know the effectiveness of the Stop Smoking Programme from personal experience. It simply works!

Your commitment is simple. Set your Target Quit Date. Complete the 3 smoking evaluation sheets which cover background, lifestyle and behavioural information. Then follow the Stop Smoking Programme Instructions, for up to 30 days if necessary, with good faith and effort.

If you are the exception to my results and have not achieved your goal of stopping smoking within 30 days of your Target Quit Date, then I will gladly refund your investment in full. Simply contact

This Limited Time Offer applies to those who have set their Target Quit Date.

Please note that all the programme material provided is copyrighted and relies on your honesty and integrity. Thank you in advance for deleting all materials relating to this Stop Smoking Programme from your devices.

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